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We are the women of Mexico and we want to stay in Mexico with our families!

The economic system in Mexico has little or no room for us as unskilled workers.  The salaries received cannot support our families.  So, with the help of Centro Santa Catalina we decided to start our own business.  

All monies received from the purchase of our hand-designed products are divided equally among the women in the co-op.  The money augments the salary received from working family members and allows our families to live with dignity, though we still struggle with costs, as prices rise and salaries remain low.  

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your purchases in good health. 

The greatest desire of the Mexican Women’s Cooperative of Hope, is to earn money enough to keep their children fed, in school and with the hopes their children may find work and success in Mexico.

Our Products

See below for a sampling of our products. 
These products use various colorful materials. For more information on the products or to see other colors and materials, or to schedule a visit to our store, please contact us at centrosantacatalina.org or call us at 915-227-5113.
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Large Shoulder Purse With Strap

Placemats With Four Napkins-
Blue & Green

Placemats With Four Napkins-Pink



Table Runner 1-With Dark Red Dress

Table Runner 2-With Light Red Dress

Table Runner 3- Yellow