Centro Santa Catalina

We are a faith based community founded in 1996 by Dominican Sisters for the spiritual, educational, and economic empowerment of economically poor women and for the welfare of our families. 

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Upcoming Parish Sales in El Paso

October 17, St. Mark Church
October 30 & 31, Our Lady of Assumption
November 6 & 7, Queen of Peace
November 13 & 14, St. Francis Cabrinito
November 20 & 21, St. Pius X
December 4 &5, St. Matthews

“I never dreamed I would finish high school and now I have graduated from the university with the help of the Center.  I work at teaching the kindergartens and I love it.” –Francisca

Our History

“We have learned to empower ourselves as women.  I have learned equality.  No one is more or less than anyone else. Before we often felt stuck in our houses but then we came here and the world seems to open up to us. Here we find support for our kids and ourselves as well. We learn empowerment and respect and so do our children.” –Aurelia


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